About Zoot Productions

I'm Harry, 22, and I'm an animator from Surrey, UK.


I made my first animation at the age of 12, and since then have produced over 100 more for the YouTube audience. My work has received millions of views, been shown at Santa Barbara International Film Festival and National Film Festival for Talented Youth, and reported on around the world. These have been incredible opportunities, but I only made these films because I love animation.


For many years I was a staff member on the #1 LEGO animation site, Bricksinmotion.com, where I regularly used what I had learned to help out out budding animators. I would often encourage people to move away from making played-out stories about LEGO Star Wars/Batman/Indiana Jones etc., and towards building their own ideas. LEGO stop-motion, due to its accessibility, instant appeal and unlimited configurations, is a genre with far more potential than most people seem to realise. You can truly tell any story you want.


I am currently studying 3D Animation at the University of Hertfordshire (graduating May 2017), and hope to use what I learn about this new medium to enhance my own work, and tell a different kind of story. I hope you'll be there to watch it.

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